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One of the most traditional accompaniments to cheese, Membrillo, or quince paste, is the classic Spanish addition to the cheeseboard. The sweet jellied quince is a beautiful pinkish-red, that stands out on the table and adds drama to any plate. Try our delicious assortment of some of the finest Membrillo Spain has to offer, from traditional rounds to small chocolate-covered cubes, options abound! Explore them all today at Gourmet Wholesaler, your destination for all the finest gourmet goods!
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Spanish Homemade Membrillo - Quince Paste
from Spain by Emily Foods Spain
Quince Paste in Dark Chocolate
from Spain by Emily Foods
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Quince Paste in Dark Chocolate with Orange
from Spain by Emily Foods
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Though not commonly found on the supermarket shelf, Membrillo is practically the national snack of Spain. Enjoyed all over the country, you’ll generally see it served alongside Spain’s other favorite, Manchego (the famous sheep’s milk cheese). Made of quince, Membrillo starts a drab taupe color that changes to a beautiful pink as the quince is cooked. Its handsome, jewel-like quality makes it the perfect addition to a cheeseboard. To capitalize on that wonderful salty-sweet combination, try pairing Membrillo with thinly sliced Salumi or other salty cured meats. Aged cheeses, like Cheddar and Pecorino that have developed that wonderful crunchy salt throughout their interior, also taste amazing with the sweet paste. Try combining all these ingredients (meat, cheese, Membrillo) for a terrific sandwich! We carry Membrillo in several forms. Our traditional wheels of the sweet paste come in various sizes, ranging from small 8oz options to 8lbs! Whether it’s a snack for yourself or one of your menu’s top sellers, we have the options available to meet your needs. Looking for something a little different? Try our fig Membrillo, cooked to the same consistency, this sliceable sweet is also a great option. For a delightful way to end your meal, don’t forget about our chocolate covered Membrillo. Enrobed in fine couverture chocolate, these cubes of quince are a great dessert, a sweet addition to your cheeseboard, or a delicious snack on their own! Try all our fantastic options today, and discover the wonders of Membrillo for yourself!

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