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Pies and Tarts

Everyone loves pie, it’s the perfect combination of filling and crust. From sweet to savory, pie transcends the parameters of mealtime. Great any time of day, a slice of pie can easily transition from breakfast to dessert with nothing more to aid its conversion than a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream. Please all your guests and dazzle their taste buds with our delicious assortment of premade pies and tarts!
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French Apple Tarte Tatin - Frozen
from France by Traiteur de Paris
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Originally spelled Pye, the ancient interpretation of one the world’s most popular foods is very different than what we enjoy today. Pie crust was originally nothing more than a conduit for food rather than a buttery flaky part of it. A cement-like amalgam of flour and water, the crust was made then allowed to harden until sufficiently fluid-proof, at which point whatever filling had been created could be deposited within. More utilitarian than epicurean, the ancient pie is not something we miss. Thank goodness all that has changed, and today we get to enjoy an array of yummy options like delicious banoffee, chocolate french silk, and good old fashioned apple pie. The ideal mix of taste and style, our premade pies and tarts are not only positively scrumptious but gorgeous as well! Made from ripe juicy produce and high-quality ingredients, then expertly decorated and quickly frozen to retain freshness, these pies are sure to please! From full-sized pies large enough to feed the entire family, to dainty individually sized tarts, we have options for everyone! Thanks to our convenient desserts, suddenly unforeseen guests become a welcome addition, and last-minute reservations are doable. With our fantastic array of flavors, everyone gets to have their favorite. Shipped directly to your door, these gourmet pies and tarts, are not only tasty but convenient as well. Saving you time, effort, and the space required to make dozens of pies. Invest in yourself and your food, by trying our delectable assortment of the finest gourmet pies and tarts available on the market!

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