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Cocoa Powder

Discover our assortment of some of the best cocoa powder in the world. Choose from our expertly curated selection of both sweetened and unsweetened cocoa powders, sourced from the top suppliers in the market. Gourmet chocolatiers like Vahlrona, Noel, and Cacao Barry, supply all our essential cocoa powders. Used by the best chocolatiers and pastry chefs in the world, our cocoa is the finest available, and a true testament to the delicious and powerful flavors of chocolate! Try any of our amazing assortment of cocoa powders today, and prepare to experience the flavor of chocolate in a whole new way!
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Valrhona Cocoa Powder
from France by Valrhona
Black Cocoa Powder
from United States by Noel
Cocoa Nibs - Grue de Cacao
from France by Valrhona
Valrhona Cocoa Powder in a Twist Off Jar
from France by Valrhona
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Noel Cocoa Powder - Premium
from France by Noel
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Guittard Cocoa Powder - Red, 25%
from United States by Guittard
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Carefully chosen for their rich and complex flavor profiles and aroma, our cocoa powders are sourced from exotic locations where the heat and natural terroir of the soil lend fantastic flavors from fruity to floral. Our selection of sweetened and unsweetened cocoa powders are great for a range of kitchen applications. From baking to beverages, chocolate makes everything taste better! We also carry dutch-processed or black cocoa powder. As we all know baking is a science and this difference of color reflects a distinction much more important than the shade of brown your cupcake achieves. Dutch-processed cocoa powder gets its dark color thanks to a potassium solution that it’s washed with to neutralize the natural acidity in cocoa. This makes it darker and takes away the acidic component. So if you decide to go the dutched route just be sure to reach for the baking powder as your leavener instead of soda. This is because baking powder has the power to leaven even without an acidic component in the recipe, whereas baking soda relies on acid to make it react. Armed with a little baking advice, browse through our excellent selection of baking powders, from black to brown, dutched to natural, we have a multitude of gourmet products for all your culinary needs!

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