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One of the most adaptable foods, armed with a few crepes you can make any meal. Depending on ingredients and inclination, you’ll easily be able to create a tempting breakfast, a hearty main, a vegetable-filled side, or even a sweet and luscious dessert! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by all the delicious ways these delicate little pancakes can enhance, both in taste and display, even the most ordinary foods. Browse through our entire selection of delicious French crepes below. From caramel to chocolate, we carry a variety of options that will spark your imagination and dazzle your tastebuds!
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French Crepes
from France by Paysan Breton
Molding Crepes - Feuilles de Brique
from France by Shape-A-Crepe
Caramel Crepes
from France by Paysan Breton
Chocolate Crepes
from France by Paysan Breton
Feuilles de Brick Pastry Sheets
from France by Sofrabrick
French Crepes from Brittany
from United States by White Toque
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Crepes are the ideal food. Versatile as well as delicious, they complement both the sweet and the savory. Comfortably sliding past the confines of mealtimes, they are enjoyed at breakfast as well as supper. The perfect conduit for any number of fillings, no matter how intricate or simple, you’ll see crepes served in all sorts of ways. Starting as a thin batter, the crepe is quickly cooked on a large flat skillet. Turned after just a moment, they are finished and ready for use. Classic fillings, like Veloute and Bechamel, make delicious savory crepes. If going for something on the sweeter side, fruit and freshly whipped cream or Nutella and sliced bananas, easily transform one of our caramel or chocolate crepes into a delicious dessert. Layer them on top of each other to create a crepe cake, or flambé them tableside for a little added drama. Made in advance, our crepes freeze beautifully and can reduce your mealtime prep to a matter of minutes. Simply pull them out when you start to prep your meal, and they’ll be ready to use when you are! Convenient, versatile, and ever so chic, dress up your meal, and add some European flair to your menu with some of our delicious French crepes!

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