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Fruit in Liquor

Dig into happy hour with any of our liquor-infused fruits. From French raspberries soaked in Brandy to Italian Black Cherries in Amaren Syrup, we have a delicious selection of some of the finest liquor-soaked fruits available. With a special eye to quality and the caliber of ingredients, we have found the best boozy fruit from around the world. Create a spiked fruit salad, garnish your cocktails, or simply eat them on their own for a fun and whimsical way to enjoy happy hour.
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Morello Cherries In Kirsch Brandy
from France by Les Parisiennes
Morello Cherries in Brandy - Guinettes a la Liqueur
from France by Distillerie du Perigord
Italian Black Cherries in Amarena Syrup
from Italy by Toschi
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French Raspberries in Brandy
from France by Les Parisiennes
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so basic yet brilliant that it changes the world forever. We aren’t shy about saying we think liquor-soaked fruits are one of those ideas. A strategic idea for preserving fruits at their peak has become an enterprise, and gone on to become the favorite garnish or ingredient in many desserts and cocktails! Made during the overabundant Spring and Summer berry season, preserving fruit in alcohol is a brilliant way to keep the taste of summer in your dishes all year round. Though many are familiar with the old trick of pouring vodka into a watermelon, there are many other fruits that can handle their booze just as well, if not better! For easy party favors, gifts, or a fun addition to the dessert cart, try any of our tasty liquor-infused fruits! Depending on your taste and preference, liquor-infused fruits are available in an exhaustive number of options. Fruits, berries, herbs, and vegetables, all lend signature flavor, while different alcohols also change the outcome. Great for many culinary uses, we encourage you to explore the possibilities! Try our berries as a delicious topping to ice cream. Add a generous scoop to a slice of cake and fresh whipped cream. But don’t stop there! Our fruit is perfect for any number of applications, and we're sure you'll enjoy trying them all!

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