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Gold and Silver

Add some drama to your baked goods, cakes, and more with our gold and silver leaf. 100% genuine gold and silver sheets add a luxurious quality to any of your culinary creations. Loose leaves make the decoration and transfer of our gold and silver easy and convenient, so you can get the exact look you’re after. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, we have options for everyone. From small books with just a few sheets to thousands of pages of gold, we have the right amount and style for everyone. Shop all our high-quality metal leaf today and add a touch of glamour to everything you make!
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Decorating Gold Leaf Sheets - 3 3/8 inch, Edible
from United States by Gold Leaf Company

Use our edible gold and silver leaf for cakes, pastries, hors d'oeuvres, even sushi! You name it, gilding your food with metal always looks great and adds that extra bit of glamour. The timeless tradition of gilding food with gold and silver dates back hundreds of years. In medieval times gold, silver, and precious stones were considered to possess virtues and mysterious powers. These powers were thought to be transferred to food during the cooking process, and then from the food to the eater. This belief spawned the development of edible metal leaf and the practice of ornamenting foods with it just like we do today. Various recipes dating back centuries, have instructions for "tarts filled with dried fruit and ornamented with golden walnuts", or "roasted chicken embellished by shinning gold meatballs." Though our beliefs about the divine power of gems and precious metals have changed, we can all still appreciate the beauty of a golden bonbon or macaron, which is why we continue the practice to this day. With its long history and cultural tradition, edible gold makes the perfect gourmet addition to any food. Available as sheets, leaves, or simply dust, use our gold to accent your pastries, or sprinkle them into your drinks for a shimmering cocktail. However you end up using your gold and silver, it’s sure to make a grand impression and add some flair to your creations!

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