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Berkshire Pork Burgers

Pork lovers will go crazy for our amazing Berkshire pork burger patties and ground meat. Known for their high ratio of fat to meat and their perfectly consistent marbling, Berkshire is considered the Wagyu of pork. Highly flavorful thanks to all that lovely fat, our delightful ground pork goes way beyond burgers. Combine this rich pork with other leaner meats to make gourmet sausages. Sprinkle it over pizzas or flatbreads, and into ragus and casseroles for a hit of savory, meaty flavor. However you decide to use this truly amazing meat, we know you’re going to love it for its unparalleled consistency and juicy, bold taste! Browse through our entire selection of Berkshire products today, and prepare to start experiencing pork in a whole new way!
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Berkshire Pork Ground Meat
from United States by Broadleaf

The perfect burger is a culinary feat unto itself, and it takes a skilled individual to master the art. Part chef, part architect, the building of the ideal burger requires patience, forethought, and planning, but the reward is well worth the effort. The first thing one must consider when preparing a burger is, of course, the meat! Starting with delicious, high-quality meat is the best way to ensure that your burger is bursting with bold, meaty taste. The fat to meat ratio is also important as fat equals juiciness and flavor, making it a crucial component of the perfect burger. Thankfully, Berkshire hogs are renowned for their unparalleled marbling and high ratio of fat, giving you some of the most flavorful ground meat in the world and the perfect ratio for success. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we are proud to feature ground pork made from 100% Berkshire -Kurobuta pigs. Raised in their natural environment and allowed to graze and freely roam, they are not only healthy but happy pigs, which translates to yummy flavorful pork. Explore our entire selection of Berkshire pork products and get ready to have the best burger of your life!

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