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Iberico Pork Belly and Fat

Pork fatback and belly are two of the most versatile and flavorful cuts of pork available. Each filled with the intense, umami flavors of the Iberico pig they are excellent for adding savory taste and moisture to your dishes. When combined with leaner meats, they add a rich flavor that doesn’t overwhelm but simply enhances what’s already present in the dish. Savory and creamy explore our selection of fatback and pork belly sourced from the famous Iberico pigs of Spain. Renowned for their singularly sweet and nutty characteristics, those delicious flavors are not only present but magnified in the fat. Diced up into chunks or ground, add either of these cuts to all your dishes for a bold hit of juicy meaty flavor!
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Iberico Pork Belly - Pancetta Iberica
from Spain by Finca Helechal
Iberico Pork Backfat, 4 Inch - Tocino Iberico
from Spain by Finca Helechal
Iberico Pork Belly, Skin Off - Panceta Iberica
from Spain by Vallehermoso
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While both of these pork cuts are great for adding flavor to dishes, they are different, and certain applications bring out the best in each of them. Fatback is solid at room temperature, making it easy to simply dice, or grind up like meat, before using. The best fat is just below the skin, that’s why our pork fatback has the skin still attached, so you get every ounce of this fantastic flavorsome product. An excellent addition to sausage fatback adds moisture to lean meats like Bison or Elk. Ground it can be mixed with meats and added into recipes like burgers, meatloaves, and stuffing. Pork belly, thanks to its incomparably rich creamy texture and complex flavor, is a favorite of chefs and foodies around the world. Pork belly boasts three distinct textures: a thin layer of skin, then strips of creamy fat, followed by the pinkish-red of the pork meat. When cured, this pork belly is transformed into bacon. We love pork belly as an addition to recipes, but it’s also incredible on its own. Try braising, stewing, or slow roasting, to render the fat below the skin until the whole piece is meltingly tender.

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Iberico Pork Belly and Fat Questions And Answers