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Wild Boar Osso Bucco

With the marrow intact, our bone-in wild boar Osso Bucco is some of the finest meat you’ll ever try! Bolder in taste, with a deep red color, wild boar has an intensity in flavor, that generic pork simply cannot compete with. Our generously cut boar shanks yield up unforgettable dishes that are rich in flavor and keep us coming back for more. The unmistakable character of boar makes for a great addition, or substitution, in dishes and melds beautifully with almost any culinary genre or flavor profile. Explore our entire selection of this singularly delicious food for a rich and authentic taste of America’s favorite game meat!
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Wild Boar Osso Bucco - 2 inch
from United States by Broadleaf

A classic Italian dish, this cuts name literally translates to “bone with a hole,” and was originally designed for the mild-tasting veal. However, when given the option, we prefer the flavorful shanks of our wild-caught Texas hogs. With big, bold flavor, they result in a dish you’ll keep making over and over. Easy to prepare, this is one of those convenient meals that tastes a lot more difficult to make than it is. Once these shanks are in the pan, simply set ‘em and forget ‘em until it’s time to enjoy. The low and slow approach is the key to rendering truly delicious meals from this cut. As the Osso Bucco gently braises in your flavorful liquid of choice, they become meltingly tender, and the savoriness of the meat melds beautifully with the rich taste of the marrow rendering a full-flavored velvety dish we simply cannot get enough of. Sourced from the great state of Texas, our boars are trapped and killed in a humane and sustainable method. Allowed to grow up roaming free through the hill country of the lone star state, they graze on wild nuts, fruits, tubers, and roots, and are never given hormones or antibiotics, making this exceptional meat delicious and 100% natural!

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