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Iberico Pork Ribs, Racks and Chops

While beef and wild game have innately bold flavors, pork is a milder meat that benefits from the use of savory sauces and piquant rubs. Truly a blank canvas for chefs and foodies, the range of possibilities when it comes to pork is virtually endless. From spare ribs and rack roasts to bone-in loins and pork chops, we have an excellent variety of cuts to choose from. Explore all our Spanish Iberico options today for an authentic and delightful taste of the Mediterranean.
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Iberico Pork Spare Ribs - Costilla Iberica
from Spain by Vallehermoso
Iberico Pork Rack Roast - Carre Iberico
from Spain by Vallehermoso
Iberico Pork Ribs - Costilla Iberica de Bellota
from Spain by Finca Helechal
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We love spare ribs for their extra marbling and big meaty taste. Running somewhere between 2.5-3.5 pounds per portion, they’re the ideal meal to split. Tender and flavorful these delightful spares are also cheaper than the baby back option. Our bone-in loin rib roast is a hefty cut, including both the loin and the ribs. Lean and tender, we recommend never taking this particular cut past 135-140F. Our pork chops are of the bone-in variety, meaning they take slightly longer to cook but are also significantly juicier and more tender than those without. Last but not least, the rack roast is an impressive portion that’s a cinch to make and takes virtually no supervision. Especially succulent and flavorful, we love this elegant portion for any special occasion. All these cuts are not only delicious but also versatile, and the fact that they’re made from Iberico pigs makes them that much more tempting. These succulent cuts of pork come from the same acorn-fed Pata Negra breed of pigs used to create the coveted Jamon Iberico. Sourced from their native country of Spain, these pigs are the descendants of some of the finest swine ever bred. Highly regarded for their unparalleled marbling and comparatively dark red flesh, Iberico pork is the stuff of legends. Transform any dish into its highest form with this bold and dynamic meat.

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