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Wild Boar Tenderloin

Wild boar is like a more intense version of pork, with darker, redder meat and a bolder flavor. Everything you love about traditional pork is enhanced in the wild game version, making it a great alternative meat that adds interest and complexity to dishes. As the name implies, the tenderloin is one of the tenderest cuts of meat available, with a velvety soft texture that becomes meltingly soft and yielding after a quick sear. An already lean cut, wild boar tenderloin is even leaner thanks to the fact that it’s a game meat. However, if you’re careful not to overcook it, the reward is a boldly flavored steak with truly exceptional texture. Wild boar tenderloin is one of our favorites, and after the first bite, it’ll be one of yours too!
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Wild Boar Tenderloins
from United States by Broadleaf

We source all of our wild boar from the great state of Texas! Partnering with experienced trappers, all our boars are humanely cage captured before being transported to our USDA certified species-specific processing plant under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. All these extra steps and precautions guarantee that our boars undergo the minimum amount of stress throughout the capturing and slaughtering process. This is important not only to aid in the efficiency of the slaughtering but also to minimize any negative effects on the meat. The energy required for muscle activity in any live animal is taken from its sugar stores, also known as glycogen. In a healthy, calm animal, these stores are high. After slaughter this glycogen is transformed into lactic acid, the lactic acid in meats is what helps each cut remain tender and flavorful. It also helps it remain fresh for longer periods and retain more of its robust color. However, if the animal is overly stressed from improper manhandling and prolonged fear, those same glycogen stores are used up. The results are catastrophic for the overall quality of the meat rendering them less flavorful, prone to spoiling, and in some cases, totally unusable. That’s why at Gourmet Wholesaler, we take every precaution to ensure our boar and all our animals are slaughtered using healthy and humane methods.

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