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Iberico Pork Tenderloin

Iberico Pork tenderloins are superbly tender and flavorful. Sliced into elegant medallions, they are also one of the easiest and quickest cuts to cook. Famed for their exquisite flavor, Spanish Iberico Pork is a true culinary treasure and widely considered to be some of the finest pork in the world. Delicious prepared in a multitude of ways, we love our Iberico tenderloin grilled, roasted, or baked. Explore our entire selection of this exquisite meat and try a delicious and authentic taste of Spain and the Mediterranean!
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Iberico Pork Tenderloin - Solomillo Iberico
from Spain by Vallehermoso

While Iberico Pork is generally recognized for its famous slow-aged hams (widely known as Jamon Iberico,) the qualities intrinsic to the other cuts from this delicious animal are not to be minimized. Juicy, succulent, and rich, they are more than a match for other types of meat and are easily some of our personal favorites. Our free-range Iberico Pork is sourced from the hills and mountainsides of the Iberian mountainside, subsisting on the native grasses and acorns that pepper the hillsides. A diet rich in these Spanish nuts renders a meat that has a singularly delicious and nutty flavor. With no added growth hormones, antibiotics, or questionable pharmaceuticals, are ever administered to these pigs, meaning they’re not only the delicious but also the healthier choice. For the best eating experience, we recommend trimming any of the silver skin remaining on the tenderloin before portioning it into medallions or preparing to cook it whole. Iberico Pork tenderloins can be cooked in much the same way other pork tenderloins are prepared. A tender meat, try your Iberico Pork baked, roasted, sous vide, or grilled, for a truly delicious main. The USDA recommends that all pork products are cooked to a minimum of 145F, but in Spain, it’s common to see it served rarer. Such a succulent cut from such very special meat should never be overcooked, as the experience and texture will be rendered less than optimal.

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