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Berkshire Pork Osso Bucco

A carnivore’s favorite cut, our Berkshire pork Osso Bucco is juicy, tender, and supremely flavorful! Originally made from veal shanks, the pork interpretation boasts a bolder, more robust taste that we just can’t get enough of! Thanks to the section of marrow-filled shank bone left in Osso Bucco, this portion of meat gets a lot of extra flavors. A favorite of chefs and gourmands all over the world, our Osso Bucco is extra special, because it’s made from Berkshire pork. A heritage breed native to England Berkshire is renowned for its unequaled marbling and tender texture. Such qualities have earned it a reputation on par with Japanese Wagyu beef. Juicy and delicious, be sure to add this cut to your menu today for a lot of very happy diners!
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Berkshire Pork Osso Buco, Fore Shank
from United States by Broadleaf
Berkshire Pork Hind Shanks
from United States by Broadleaf

A traditional Italian cut Osso Bucco renders a dish with fall-apart tender meat and a taste that is complex and nuanced. Although Osso Bucco sounds fancy and elegant in truth, its name translates to the forthright yet plebeian phrase “bone with a hole”. Originating in the late 19th century Osso Bucco was first created in the Lombardy region of Italy in the city of Milan. Originally served atop a saffron-infused risotto generously sprinkled with gremolata (a zest combination of parsley, garlic, and lemon peel), this delightful dish has transformed throughout the decades. Today, we most often see it served with hearty root vegetables like carrots and onions, and flavored with a deeply savory combination of tomatoes and celery, for a heartier version of the traditional. The secret to making meltingly soft Osso Bucco is to braise it. Low and slow in the oven, this cut absorbs and compounds flavor until it’s fall-apart tender. A dish with deep roots, the traditional flavors, and seasonings intrinsic to Osso Bucco is a fantastic jumping-off point but by no means is the limit of possibility. Get creative with your spices, vegetables, and sides, to create a delightful new dish that remains steeped in tradition.

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