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Whole Roasting Pigs

Go whole hog at Gourmet Wholesaler! Truly a statement piece, wow your guests, and add drama to the table with a whole roasting pig. Perfect for pit masters and barbecue enthusiasts, our roasting pigs are incredibly succulent with a bold meaty flavor you won't find in generic pork. With more than enough meat to feed at least 50, whole pigs are the economical way to satisfy your guests and serve customers some of the best pork of their lives. Get ready to break out the grill and light up the coals because you're about to experience true barbecue at its finest!
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Whole Roasting Pig, Head On
from United States by Broadleaf

From the famous Iberico de Bellota of Spain to the heritage Berkshire breed of England, we’re proud to carry an unmatched selection of some of the finest pork on the market. Our host of options range from the familiar to the exotic and are always of the highest quality. If you’re the type who likes to break down your meat, prepare to put your butchering skills to the test with our whole pig options. Although it’s tempting to simply throw your hog onto the grill, keep in mind that it’s not the best way to enjoy your pork. Lean tender muscles, like the loin and tenderloin, are overcooked if taken past 145F, and tough knotty muscles need to be cooked to at least 200F to become yielding and tender, forcing you to lose the luxurious cuts. To mask the fact that some parts are overdone, everything is shredded and generously coated with sauce, creating an ungodly amount of pulled pork. While pulled pork is delicious, the best thing you can do is to break down your pig before the roasting process begins. That way, those tender portions can be removed, and the tough and fibrous bits can be left to cook down slowly. However you decide to prepare this delightful meat, we’re sure you’re going to love its full-flavored succulent characteristics!

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