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Wild Boar Bacon

Not your ordinary bacon, we love boar bacon for its bold meaty taste and delightfully crunchy texture. With a salty porky flavor and subtle smokey finish, boar boasts all the same characteristics of traditional pork bacon but with half the fat and double the flavor! Easily enjoyed in all the same ways, take breakfast to the next level along with all your other meals by the addition of this exceptional meat. Completely free of antibiotics, hormones, or any other stimulants, our boar is not only more delicious but also healthier. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our entire selection of gourmet boar products and start enjoying the full potential of America’s wild game meats today!
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Wild Boar Bacon
from United States by Broadleaf

Bacon wrapped, bacon-infused, bacon stuffed…. those classically delicious strips of pork we all know and love are certainly having their moment in the world of food right now. And with a whole host of reasons to love them, it’s easy to understand why. Juicy fatty bacon with its crunchy curling edges and burnt ends adds a delicious flavor and texture to all manner of foods from appetizers to mains and even desserts! Now imagine a bacon with all those same wonderful characteristics, but that tasted even more intensely meaty and you’d have wild boar bacon! Boasting a deep appetizing red color and a bold porky taste revitalize your dishes with this exceptional game meat. Our wild boar is sourced from the woods and mountains of the rugged Texas countryside. Truly wild animals, their lives are spent foraging and roaming. Using their tusks and snouts to find and eat all manner of foods, they're known to consume anything from tubers and roots to berries and acorns. This widely varied diet and active lifestyle give boar meat more flavor than generic pork could ever offer. With no added hormones, antibiotics, or growth stimulants, it’s also the most healthy, humane, and sustainable method of acquiring meat.

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