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Lamb Burgers and Grinds

Step up your burger game at Gourmet Wholesaler, with our delicious savory lamb patties, sliders, and ground meat! Reinterpret the traditional hamburger, and instead utilize all the delightfully intense flavors of ground lamb. Our conveniently pre-formed options come in a regular and slider size, and consist of 100% pasture-raised, hormone, and steroid-free lamb. Or add the singularly delicious taste of this meat to a host of recipes with our ground meat option. The perfect addition to casseroles, chilis, stews, and more, keep a few pounds of this sensational lamb around to throw into all your favorite recipes for an extra hit of protein and flavor!
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Lamb Burgers
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Ground Lamb Meat
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
New Zealand Lamb Ground Meat
from New Zealand by Crown Range
New Zealand Lamb Burgers
from New Zealand by Crown Range
Lamb Sliders
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
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Sourced from the verdant hills and valleys of the New Zealand countryside, the quality of this meat is unequaled. We love our ground lamb and patties for their sensational taste and succulent texture, not to mention their added health benefits. A nutritional powerhouse lamb has fewer calories, more omega-3s and cancer-fighting CLAs, and less fat than beef. Filled with necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet, you’ll find high levels of Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, and a handful of valuable B vitamins. So what are you waiting for? Put down the beef and reach for the lamb. Oftentimes lamb burgers end up being treated similarly to turkey burgers, their patties jam-packed with spices, herbs, and condiments, to the point that the taste of the lamb is all but lost. At Gourmet Wholesaler, our lamb patties boast the mighty meaty character of high-quality lamb, without an army of competing flavors. We embrace the zest of lamb in all its funky minerally goodness! Our lamb patties come preformed, for ease of packaging and transit, and they all arrive perfectly flat. As meat cooks, however, it contracts, and a burger that starts flat will end up small and bulgy. To prevent that, always create a dimple in the center of your patties. That way, as the meat begins to pull back together, the dimple fills, you’ll be left with a flat and easy to handle burger instead of one that resembles a large golf ball. When preparing lamb burgers in particular, we recommend cooking them past what we’d like in a beef burger to the stage known as “medium-well”. Still pink in the center, this level of doneness is just right for our delightful lamb.

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