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Bison NY Strip

These Bison New York Strip steaks are sure to satisfy every meat lover! Bursting with flavor and the added health benefits intrinsic to Buffalo meat, this already popular cut just got that much better! The New York Strip steak comes from the very tender short loin of the Bison. Rich in flavor and firm in texture, the NY Strip is the perfect combination of tender succulence with just enough of that satisfying chew. All told, this delightful union of texture and taste lands the strip steak somewhere near perfection. But don’t take our word for it, try this fantastic cut today and taste the bold meaty flavors of Bison at their peak!
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Whole Bison NY Strip Loin - Whole, Uncut
from United States by Great Range
Bison NY Strip Steaks
from United States by Broadleaf
Bison NY Strip Loin, Whole
from United States by Western Buffalo Co.
Bison NY Strip Loin, Cut to Order
from United States by Western Buffalo Co.
Whole Bison NY Strip Loin - Cut to Order
from United States by Great Range

Traveling under a handful of diverse monikers, you may see this cut labeled as a Kansas City, Manhattan, or Omaha strip, and that’s just the regional names. There’s also the Delmonico steak, the strip loin, Club, Shell, Ambassador, and Hotel steaks! A seemingly endless list of denominations stretches out before this particular cut. Popular wherever it’s served, ownership of the New York strip seems to be universal, but the history books trace it back to one particular restaurant, Delmonico’s. A New York City institution, and the self-proclaimed “first fine dining restaurant in America” one of Delmonico’s signature cuts was a steak taken from the short loin and named after the establishment in which it was served. An immediate success, restaurants all over the city began to serve the same, but in an effort to claim some of the steak’s success, they marketed it with their own various names. Since there was a host of restaurants vying for proprietary rights, to avoid confusion, eventually the cut came to be known simply as the New York strip. Enjoy this feud-worthy steak today at Gourmet Wholesaler and see why everyone loves this particular cut of meat!

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