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Grass Fed Beef Flank

An already incredibly flavorful cut, our flank steaks reach new heights of taste thanks to the fact that they’re harvested from some of the finest grass-fed cattle in the world! Sourced from the verdant green pastures of New Zealand, our purveyors raise and finish their cattle on grass and never administer any hormones or antibiotics, making our beef not only some of the most flavorful but also some of the healthiest! Explore our entire selection of delicious options below and taste the difference our gourmet beef makes in all your favorite dishes and recipes.
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Grass Fed Beef Flank Steaks
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
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An ideal choice for marinades this lean meat soaks up flavor beautifully and cooks quickly. Often confused with skirt steak, both cuts of meat are long thin steaks that are packed with flavor and can generally be substituted for one another in recipes. However, they’re not the same. Flank steak comes from the lower abdomen of the cow and gets a lot of work, making it tough and fibrous. The steak itself is thicker and wider than skirt steak with significantly more heft. Bursting with bold, beefy flavor flank steak is rendered its tenderest when marinated, then quickly seared to medium-rare and sliced thinly against the grain. The way you slice it is important as it cuts those fibers down, making them easy to chew. If you make the mistake of cutting flank with the grain you’ll have a fibrous and unpleasant meal before you despite all its excellent flavor. We love to prepare our flank by stuffing it, searing it in a hot cast iron pan, or throwing it on the grill. Carefully packaged, in special wrapping, to keep your meats cool and in excellent condition during transit, we always overnight our gourmet meats to ensure that they arrive at your door in perfect condition ready to be prepared and enjoyed. Browse through our fantastic assortment of grass-fed beef flank steak and enjoy the unparalleled flavor of this truly exceptional meat.

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