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Cut To Order Grass Fed Beef

Meat lovers rejoice! Can’t find a steak to suit your specifications? At Gourmet Wholesaler we have cut to order options for our delicious Grass-Fed Beef, so you can get exactly what you need. Browse through our entire selection of steaks for sale online and have it cut your way. Need a little extra heft to your Strip Loin or a slightly smaller Porterhouse? We’ve got you covered with our cut to order option. No matter your dish or method of preparation, we’ve got the steak for you, and if we don’t, we’ll make it!
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Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye, Cut To Order
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin, Cut To Order
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin, Cut To Order
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin - Cut To Order
from Australia by Cape Grim
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What cows are fed, has a major effect not only on the health of the cattle while they’re living but also on their nutrient composition once they’ve been turned into steaks and roasts. The majority of the beef bought and sold in the United States comes from cattle that are raised in feedlots. This industrialized method of producing beef is all about speed, and the quickest way to fatten up a young steer is to feed it grain. This is an unnatural diet for ruminants like cows who were designed to eat slow-digesting grasses (thus all the extra stomachs). Grass-fed beef, when directly compared to conventionally raised cattle, has a lower amount of total fat. So gram for gram, grass-fed beef is lower in calories. The composition of the fatty acids within the meat is also different. Grain-fed beef is higher in monounsaturated fats, which can have real adverse effects on your health. Grass-fed beef, on the other hand, is higher in healthy fats like Omega-3s. Containing as much as five times the Omega-3s and twice the amount of CLAs (Conjugated linoleic acid) in grain-fed meat, both of which are linked to several health benefits. Beef is loaded with a host of vitamins, including B12, B6, and B3, along with Iron, Selenium, and Zinc. In fact, Beef has almost all the nutrients you need to survive! Delicious and nutrient-dense, make the healthy choice and choose the superior taste and quality of grass-fed beef!

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