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Grass Fed Beef Tomahawk Steak

The perfect statement steak, our delicious grass-fed beef Tomahawk adds drama to any table. With a long 5-6 inch “handle” of bone and a big juicy fillet weighing up to 30 ounces, our Tomahawk steaks are truly spectacular to behold and a real pleasure to eat. Sourced from the green pastures of New Zealand, our grass-fed beef is some of the finest available on the market. As distinctive in appearance as it is in taste, the Tomahawk steak makes a delightful addition to any menu. Try it for yourself today and experience the superior flavor of grass-fed beef and the dynamic look of the Tomahawk cut!
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Grass Fed Beef Tomahawk Steaks
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
Angus Grass Fed Beef Tomahawk Steak
from New Zealand by Silver Fern Farms

The steak of all steaks, make this a meal they’re sure to remember with our grass-fed Tomahawk steaks! Made from 100% grass-fed beef, we source our Tomahawks from the green pastures of New Zealand. Allowed to roam freely, these cows live happy peaceful lives, and that translates to better tasting meat. In contrast, cows brought up and finished in feedlots are accosted with a battery of illnesses, the chief among them being a digestive disorder known as Acidosis. This illness is directly caused by the intake of too many highly digestible starches or sugars, coming in the form of grains added to the feed to quickly add weight and increase the amount of intramuscular fat or marbling in the beef. To ensure our cattle are healthy, we source our beef from farmers who allow their cows to range, eating plenty of grasses and roughage. Not only is this lifestyle better for them but it results in meat that is so much more flavorful and also healthier. When compared to generic grain-fed beef, the grass-fed option is lower in unhealthy monounsaturated fats but higher in healthy omega-3s and CLAs (Conjugated linoleic acid). Browse through our entire selection of grass-fed options and make not only the more delicious choice but the healthier one as well!

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