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Wagyu Prime Rib

Wagyu Prime Rib roast makes any meal memorable with its rich marbling and exceptional flavor. Prime Rib, also referred to as a Ribeye Roast, is not only delicious but also a gorgeous traditional centerpiece for any large meal or special event. If you want all those same delicious flavors, but need a smaller quantity, these large roasts can easily be portioned down into more modest pieces so their amazing characteristics can be used in several meals instead of just one. Thanks to the high ratio of intramuscular fat and the beautifully consistent marbling in Wagyu beef, an already delightful cut just got that much better! Try our juicy and flavorful Wagyu Prime Rib roasts today and make your next celebration, or holiday meal, something truly special!
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Taken from the rib prime cut this classic roast beef preparation is traditionally roasted, then served with a simple sauce made from the beef drippings collected during the cooking process. This simple yet deeply flavorful and rich sauce is often called Au Jus. Though it has become commonly affixed to its title, Prime Rib is only labeled prime as an indication of its USDA grading. You’ll see roasts of lesser merit labeled as Standing Rib Roasts or, if it is boneless, Rib-eye Roasts. The traditional way to prepare this cut of meat is to roast the Prime Rib until medium-rare. The perfect roast will have a delicious crunchy exterior with deep caramelized flavors and an interior that is a rosy pink with a tender almost velvety texture. To accomplish this, you can either start the roast at high heat to get that exterior browning, then turn down the temperature and finish on low, or start low and finish high. Always be sure to temper your meats, this means setting them out to come to room temperature before applying any heat. For a cut as large as the Prime Rib roast, this will take several hours, so be sure to plan well in advance and take your roast out first thing to ensure the center isn’t still cold!

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