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Grass Fed Beef Sirloin

The king or rather the knight of steaks, we love the Sirloin for its fantastic flavor and its unequaled balance of heft and tender texture. Treat your tastebuds to an ethical and environmentally friendly feast by choosing grass-fed beef instead of the generic options you most commonly see at the supermarket. America’s favorite steak, the Sirloin is an excellent combination of value and flavor landing squarely within the region of perfection. Easy to prepare and undeniably delicious, thanks to Gourmet Wholesaler, you can order this tasty cut today and be able to add it to your menu by tomorrow! Explore this and all our other delightful grass-fed options below!
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Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Tip
from Australia by Brunette Downs
Grass Fed Beef Top Sirloin, Cap Off
from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
on sale
Angus Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Bavette Steak
from New Zealand by Silver Fern Farms

The first cut of meat to achieve knighthood it’s long been fabled that the Sirloin got its name when an English king (some say Henry VIII others Charles II or James I) insisted that, based on its merits, the loin of beef should be knighted and henceforth known as Sir-loin. While this long-standing and indeed entertaining anecdote is most certainly untrue, this delicious cut is unquestionably one of our favorites. More tender than the rump or the round but less marbled than a New York strip, the Sirloin is an excellent balance of flavor and texture. Providing a satisfying “chew” without being tough and boasting a bold meaty flavor unequaled by most other steaks, this mouthwatering beef has earned its title as the food of kings and the stuff of legends. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we have both the Sirloin tip and top Sirloin to choose from. Each has its special qualities and characteristics, and as such, must be handled as individuals. The top Sirloin is a favorite steak choice and is best enjoyed cooked on the grill, broiled, or seared in a large cast-iron pan. The Sirloin tip does better roasted low and slow or braised to make it tender and succulent. Packed with flavor the Sirloin tip also makes great ground beef or stew meat! Browse through these and all our other grass-fed beef options today and taste the difference in both their flavor and their texture!

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