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Black Angus Tomahawk Steaks

Certified Angus beef has long been regarded as some of the highest quality meat available. Often compared to legendary breeds like Japanese Wagyu for its high ratio of fat to meat and its extraordinarily consistent marbling. Our Black Angus Tomahawk steaks combine the very best Angus beef with the most impressive cut rendering an eating experience your guests are sure to remember! These hefty 30 ounce steaks are big enough to split and boast a bone-in handle 5-6 inches long, making for a truly dramatic presentation. Buy single Tomahawk steaks or the entire rack, and taste the bold flavor of Black Angus.
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Black Angus Rib Eye Tomahawk Rack
from Australia by Broadleaf
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Black Angus Prime Ribeye Tomahawk Steaks
from Australia by Broadleaf
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

Angus beef standards have now been around for several decades, shaping and defining the caliber of our meats and deciding which cuts will become available for purchase. First developed and put into practice in 1978, these standards denote a certain level of marbling, tenderness, age, and color, in the meat. If passed, these steaks go from simple Angus beef to Certified Angus beef, that “Certified” indicates a high level of quality not found in all other meats and assures the buyer that what they’re getting is the best. A rigorous test, this method of grading is more similar to the way Wagyu cattle are tested and rated than to the USDA’s grading of all other types of meat. In general, the USDA looks at one category, marbling, or the amount of intramuscular fat in a steak instead of all four elements. Because of the extra testing, certified beef must pass, those who buy this meat can rest assured that they’re starting with the highest quality steaks available. Within that category of certified, however, there are three subcategories: Prime, Select, and Choice. These are the same labels they use for other meat, and they indicate the same ranking. Prime is the best, meaning Certified Prime Angus Beef is the highest quality Angus you can purchase, while Select is the second-best, and so on. Browse through our selection of Certified Angus Beef and enjoy only the best!

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