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Wagyu Sirloin

We love Wagyu Sirloin for its deeply flavorful characteristics and versatility in the kitchen. Our assortment of top Sirloin is a tasty option for the grill, and our Bottom Sirloin shines when prepared as a roast. The perfect balance of taste and value our Wagyu Sirloin is a more affordable option that tastes amazing and is often compared to premium cuts like New York Strip and Ribeye. Wagyu, known for its high ratio of fat and extremely consistent marbling throughout the body, provides leaner cuts, like Sirloin, with the extra intramuscular fat it needs. Rendering these Wagyu Sirloins significantly more tender and flavorful than traditional beef options. Browse through our entire assortment of top Sirloin in all its various cuts and sizes, and if you don’t see what you need, remember we have a cut to order option for all our steaks!
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Wagyu Sirloin Flap Meat, MS3
from Australia by Broadleaf
Wagyu Top Sirloin Center Cut Steaks, MS6
from Australia by Broadleaf
Wagyu Top Sirloin Center, MS3
from Australia by Broadleaf
Wagyu Top Sirloin, MS7, Cap Off, 184B, PRE-ORDER
from Australia by Broadleaf
Wagyu Top Sirloin Center Cut Steaks, MS3
from Australia by Broadleaf
Wagyu Top Sirloin Filet Log, MS3
from Australia by Broadleaf
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Of the two loin subprimals, the Sirloin sits the furthest back, getting a lot more exercise than the Short Loin and rendering it one of the tougher, but more flavorful, cuts of meat. Almost always separated in two the Sirloin is generally sold as Top Sirloin Butt and Bottom Sirloin Butt. Bottom Sirloin sits further down on the leg and is thus the tougher option of the two. With slow cooking like in a roast or when braised, it breaks down beautifully into soft fall-apart meat that is positively bursting with flavor. It’s also very good for ground meat, or chopped small makes a great addition to stews. When preparing Top Sirloin there is a little more freedom, and high heat quick-cooking methods are acceptable. We do encourage you not to overcook this kind of meat though, as it can very easily become tough. Keep your temperatures below 145F, and your meat is sure to be both tender and flavorful!

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