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Grass Fed Beef Porterhouse/T-bone

The best of both worlds, Porterhouse and T-bones, have two of our favorite steaks in one! Connected by the bone that runs between them, the T-bone and Porterhouse have Filet Mignon on one side and a NY strip on the other! Lean and full of flavor, these grass-fed steaks are some of the best on the market. Not only delicious but also quick to prepare they're a chef’s favorite order during the busy weekend dinner rush. Explore our entire selection of grass-fed beef today and have this delicious option on your menu by tomorrow!
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Angus Grass Fed Beef Porterhouse Steak
from New Zealand by Silver Fern Farms
The perfect choice for the indecisive eater as it contains both the filet and the NY Strip!
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Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin - Cut To Order
from Australia by Cape Grim
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Many would consider the Porterhouse and T-bone to be interchangeable cuts of steak, but they would be completely wrong. While it’s true that they are both cuts from the same section of the cow, the short loin, and they each contain the same kinds of meat, they are still technically different. Both the T-bone and Porterhouse contain a bone that runs through their center in the shape of a “T”. The meats on either side of this divide are steaks unto themselves highly prized by meat lovers the world over. They are the New York strip and the Tenderloin Fillet, better known as the Filet Mignon. The difference between the Porterhouse and the T-bone then comes down to size. Porterhouse steaks are larger and have more filet on either side than the T-bone. There are strict guidelines that must be adhered to for a T-bone to be considered a Porterhouse. Firstly, it must be at least 1.25-inches thick, the result is an incredibly hefty cut that weighs around 24 ounces and is generally considered and served as a meal for two. Cooking T-bones and Porterhouse steaks then are also very similar, with the only real difference being the time. Porterhouses, of course, take longer because of their size and extra thickness. We love preparing ours simply, by seasoning them with salt and pepper, before searing them in a hot cast-iron pan with plenty of butter and a sprig of fresh rosemary. Browse through our complete selection of exceptional Porterhouse and T-bone steaks on Gourmet Wholesaler and taste the savory and delightful flavors of gourmet grass-fed beef!

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