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Amur Sturgeon Caviar

Amur sturgeon caviar is large-grained and ranges in color from a lovely pearlescent amber to a warm golden hue. With a buttery flavor and strikingly smooth finish, the texture of this delicious caviar is delicate, giving a satisfying “pop” in the mouth from the slightest pressure. Relatively unknown but unbelievably tasty this roe shares many similarities with the highly regarded Russian Osetra caviar. Enjoy it classically, or use it as a delightful garnish on your next canapé or hors d'oeuvres tray. The perfect addition to your next menu, this sensational roe is a favorite to chefs and foodies all over the world!
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In the wild, Amur sturgeon (or Acipenser schrenckii) has only ever been found in the Amur river (the waterway that marks the border between Russia and China), thus its descriptive moniker. Also known as Japanese sturgeon, it’s believed to originate from the Sea of Japan. With markedly plump glossy eggs, the Amur sturgeon produces caviar on par with any Osetra or Kaluga roe. We source this amazing caviar from the finest purveyors in the world. Each tin is hand-packed and carefully inspected for quality, color, consistency, and freshness. Because caviar is extremely susceptible to environmental changes (i.e. spikes in temperature), we carefully package each tin, shipping them overnight to your home or business to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Once received, be sure to store your caviar in the coldest part of your refrigerator. We also recommend presenting them in a caviar service. This ingenious little two-piece set consists of a small bowl (in which to place the caviar) suspended over another larger bowl, filled with shaved ice. This allows your caviar to retain an ideal temperature at which to be enjoyed. Browse through our unparalleled selection of caviar sourced from around the world, and start enjoying the ultimate in luxury foods!

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