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Beluga Caviar

Caviar has long been considered the height of luxury, and Beluga widely regarded as the best caviar available. Once a staple of lavish parties and nights on the town, it can now be a rather difficult thing to come by, especially if you want it from a sustainable source. That’s why Gourmet Wholesaler has made it a priority to find a Beluga caviar hybrid, and we’ve done just that. Our fantastic caviar boasts all the delicious buttery flavors you’d get from traditional Beluga, combined with delightfully nutty earthy notes from Siberian Sturgeon. This new combination lends dimension and complexity to these delicate pearlescent orbs, making them more delicious than ever. Try our fantastic hybrid caviar today and start enjoying the classic taste of Beluga, the king of caviar!
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Emperior Beluga Hybrid Caviar
from Italy by Emperior
This caviar, offers the mellow notes of the Beluga along with the nutty complexities of the Adriatic sturgeon.

Caviar comes from the lightly salted eggs of the Sturgeon, a prehistoric fish native to the Caspian Sea. The Beluga is the largest of this variety of fish. It easily lives up to 100 years and produces the most desirable roe with a light buttery taste and subtle briny finish. When the Soviet Union fell, the state’s monopoly ended, and fishing for Sturgeon became a free-for-all that, in a matter of years, landed the Beluga and its delicious roe on the endangered species list. Thanks to a combination of extreme overfishing and trade sanctions made by several countries around the world, it’s now illegal in many countries to buy or sell true wild-caught Sturgeon caviar. In the wake of this calamity the practice of farming Sturgeon has sprung up, and the breeding of certain Sturgeon have created new hybrid varieties that boast the same tantalizing flavored roe with a much faster maturation cycle. Thanks to these innovations we’re once again able to enjoy caviar the way we used to, only this time in a responsible and sustainable manner!

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