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Paddlefish Caviar

Our delicious American Paddlefish caviar boasts big, bold flavor. Often referred to as “first-timers caviar,” its rich earthy taste and buttery finish that lingers on the palate can be appreciated by anyone! Highly approachable, this delicious caviar option is a sustainable and delightful choice for those who enjoy the luxurious characteristics of traditional caviar. Most often compared to Sevruga caviar, Paddlefish roe boasts small and sumptuous pearls that vary in shade from a silvery grey to a deep jet black. Always fresh and of exceptional quality, our American Paddlefish caviar should be enjoyed like any other fish roe. Served simply, on toast points or blini with a dollop of creme fraiche, or spooned over a hard-boiled egg.
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American Paddlefish Caviar - Malossol
from United States by Markys
Emperior American Paddlefish Caviar
from United States by Emperior
Complex, earthy, and utterly irresistible, you’re sure to love Emperior’s American Paddlefish caviar!

The epitome of all luxury foods, caviar has long been held as the unquestioned pinnacle of gourmet eating. Frankly, it still is. Unfortunately, that title has brought with it the never-ending persecution of one particular breed of fish, the Sturgeon. Flagrant abuse of resources and merciless overfishing have landed the handful of sturgeon varieties that produce this delicate roe to the brink of extinction. As a reaction to bans on fishing in the Caspian Sea and the Yangtze river (two of the most prominent fishing locals for sturgeon), the American Paddlefish came into consideration. Belonging to the same taxonomic class of fish, Paddlefish and Sturgeon produce eggs of very similar size, texture, and flavor. Fishing for Paddlefish soon swept the nation and was pretty heavily overfished for a few years. The initial craze dying down, American fishers soon reached an equilibrium that has proved sustainable. Now a thriving business in certain parts of the nation, some people have moved from simply catching and killing Paddlefish to farming them. With Paddlefish roe being exported for as much as $300/pound, to countries all over the world, the Paddlefish market has proved to be a very lucrative one. Caviar has long been a symbol of the elite, in part due to its scarcity, which has only been further compounded by the decades of extreme overfishing. Thanks to one very special variety of American fish, the Sturgeon population can now safely repopulate, and the gourmand’s table shall not go empty!

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