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Smoked Salmon Utensils

Designed specifically for the easy carving and slicing of smoked Salmon, our high carbon steel knife will ensure delicate slivers of fish every time. Made with a granton or “kullenschliff” edge, these blades boast small hollowed-out grooves along each side. This specialty knife allows for those paper-thin slices of Salmon without any tearing or shredding of the meat. The hollow ovals ground into the blade work by allowing air to move between the meat and the knife, creating little “pockets” that eliminate drag. Made from high carbon forged steel, it’s razor-sharp edge stays keen, and resists rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Truly a thing of beauty, this Salmon knife is not only efficient but a joy to use thanks to its streamlined design and beautiful craftsmanship!
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Salmon Knife with Rosewood Handle
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Our Salmon knives, or Lox slicers as they are sometimes called, are a marriage of efficiency and beauty. Long flexible carbon steel blades are made with a granton edge to ensure consistent slices every time. Their handles are generally crafted from rosewood and designed specifically for comfort and balance. Though intended for cutting the tender meat of smoked or raw salmon, these knives also do an amazing job slicing ham or tender roasts. Its long flexible blade has a rounded edge so it can be used to serve the delicate slivers of meat without damaging or poking holes in them. For the cleanest cuts, always keep your knives well sharpened, making time to align the blade before each use. Use the length of the long blade to your advantage, practicing a sweeping motion for each cut instead of sawing back and forth. A good knife like this one will make its best cuts on the “push” or “pull” and shouldn't require excessive pressure. For the most consistent slices, we recommend concentrating not on the part you’re cutting but instead on the angle of your blade in relation to the entire side or fillet of Salmon.

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