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Osetra Caviar

One of the most prized and expensive forms of caviar, Osetra caviar boasts a buttery flavor characterized by its nutty highlights and its delightful “pop” in the mouth. Our delicious selection of Osetra varies in shade, from deep black to a lovely shimmering gold. Just as the pearlescent colors of each shift, the flavor or these delicious sturgeon eggs vary, ever so slightly, from tin to tin. Chefs and foodies around the world sing the praises of this specific breed of sturgeon roe. With a notably mild approachable flavor, it is a popular choice that will please most palates, even those of the novice caviar taster. Browse through our expertly curated selection and taste all the delicious flavors of the sea!
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Osetra Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Israel by Markys
Emperior Caviar Osetra Russian Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Israel by Emperior
Emperior’s authentic Osetra caviar offers a delicious nutty flavor and a velvety finish.
on sale
Emperior Osetra Karat Russian Caviar Amber
from Israel by Emperior
Sourced from the oldest Osetra fishery in Israel, the caliber of this caviar is among the highest.
French Osetra Caviar - Farm Raised
from France by Sturia
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Describing the taste of caviar may be one of the most difficult flavors to explain. Full of nuance and an endless variety that seems to change from fish to fish, simply saying it's “salty” doesn't quite do the trick. Yet the more exposure one has to fish roe, the more you can accurately understand and identify the hallmarks of this delicious food. Experts say that there are as many as 15 flavors that can be experienced when eating caviar, that is why a proper explanation of its flavor alludes so many of us. Any depiction of this singular flavor ends up being underwhelming in comparison to the real experience. The complexity of high-end caviar is lost on most beginners, which is why it’s encouraged to try many varieties of caviar to develop a full appreciation of its subtle yet divine characteristics. There are a total of 27 different varieties of the sturgeon, as well as countless other fish whose roe is also regularly harvested and sold as caviar, each kind boasting its singular characteristics and nuanced flavor. Learning how to properly taste and appreciate caviar comes slowly, but to those who patiently persist, the ability to truly enjoy one of the most delicious luxury foods the world has ever known shall be their reward.

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