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Farmed Caviar

Caviar has long been considered the pinnacle of luxury. A favorite indulgence of gourmands and epicures around the world, its pearlescent orbs, are a true gift to the palate. Classically caviar came from one type of fish, the Sturgeon. Hunted to the brink of extinction for its valuable roe Sturgeon has been on the list of endangered species for years now. With a market still clamoring for these valuable eggs, enterprising conservationists have begun farming Sturgeon instead. This sustainable approach has gained traction in recent years and garnered recognition as the best way to produce caviar. With all the same tantalizing flavor as wild-caught Sturgeon but without the potential for extinction, some of the finest varieties of caviar are now farm-raised. Browse through our selection and taste the future of caviar!
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A food that demands special care, even reverence, Caviar is truly an exceptional product. Boasting a firm texture, these eggs give a delightful pop when eaten, and have a buttery sometimes nutty flavor. A new frontier, most people have accepted, even embraced, the relatively novel practice of farming Sturgeon. There were many problems with the old methods of fishing for Sturgeon. Ones that resulted in a lot of needless killing. With Sturgeon looking the same from the outside, it was not out of the ordinary for fishermen to slay hundreds of males, in the pursuit of females. To complicate things further, catching a female didn’t always equal success. Immature eggs are small white beads that don’t have the same flavor or the desired texture and color of mature eggs. The quickest and easiest way to determine if a fish is valuable is to simply gut it. As you can imagine, it didn't take long for the number of Sturgeons to dwindle to almost nothing. With such widespread and heedless killing, it’s no wonder that Sturgeon is still battling for survival to this day. In contrast, farmed Sturgeon, are given a brief and noninvasive ultrasound to determine their sex, and again to see if their eggs are ready to harvest. Only after careful determination is the Sturgeon sacrificed, their eggs along with the rest of their body neatly portioned out and each part of the valuable fish used. Compared to the wasteful way in which these fish are needlessly destroyed in the wild, it makes the practice of choosing farmed Sturgeon the easy choice.

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