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Since 2001, Gourmet Wholesaler has been a
distributor of the finest gourmet food. Our
specialty is helping you create delicious experiences.
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Fresh Fish

Unless you catch your own, there is no better way to sample delicious fresh-caught fish than ordering from Gourmet Wholesaler. Our selection of ocean-fresh, premium fish, is always of the highest caliber. The go-to source for chefs and foodies around the world, you can now serve the same Michelin quality food in your own establishment. With careful attention to each detail, we prepare and ship your fish the very next day, to ensure you receive only the freshest and most delicious products every time. Buy fish online from Gourmet Wholesaler today and experience our top-quality selections tomorrow!
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Red Snapper, Whole, Gutted
Chilean Sea Bass Portion, Skin Off
from New Zealand by
Alaskan Halibut Portion, Skin On
from United States by
Bigeye Tuna Portion, Skin Off - Poke Grade
from French Polynesia by
Swordfish Steaks, Skin On
from United States by
Tilapia Fillet, Skin Off
from Honduras by
Alaska Wild King Salmon Fillet - Wild Caught Chinook
from United States by
True North Salmon Portion, Skin On
from Canada by True North Salmon Company
Salmon Premium Fillet, Skin On - Sashimi/Poke Grade
from Chile by
Redfish Fillet, Skin On
from United States by
Verlasso Salmon Portion, Skin On
from Chile by Verlasso
Atlantic Cod Portion, Skin Off
from United States by
Branzino (European Seabass), Whole, Scaled and Gutted
from Greece by
Sockeye Salmon, Wild Caught
from United States by
Catfish Fillet, Skin Off
from United States by
Lake Victoria Perch Fillet, Skin On
from United States
Squid Tubes and Tentacles, Cleaned
from United States by
Striped Bass Fillet, Skin On
from United States by
Alaskan Coho Salmon Fillet, Wild Caught
from United States by
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Fresh Uni in Salt Water, AAA Grade
from United States by
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

All seafood purchased by Gourmet Wholesaler is hand-selected and inspected for freshness and quality. For our wild-caught selection, we always give preference to line-caught options over fish caught in nets, for their superior quality. The farm-raised fish we carry are also among the finest, purchased from aquacultures that employ sustainable methods. Our selection is sourced from the finest purveyors in the world from as near as the United States to as far away as New Zealand! With an unparalleled variety, we have everything from classics like Cod and Salmon to the more exotic finds like squid tubes and uni. There are lots of reasons to eat more seafood. In general, seafood is much healthier for you than traditional beef, chicken, or pork. However, for the majority of people who live in land-locked locations, access to fresh seafood is practically non-existent. It might seem counterintuitive to order your seafood online, but with refrigerated packaging, and the ability to overnight products, it has become one of the best ways to get fresh and affordable fish with the ease of delivery straight to your door! Browse through all our delightful options, ordering any of our fillets, whole fish, or specialty items, for a delicious addition to your next event or even your daily menu!

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