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Lumpfish Caviar

With a uniquely mild flavor profile and delightful crunchy texture, Lumpfish roe is one the most versatile forms of caviar out there. It can be added to practically any dish for a pop of color and a little extra texture. Naturally brown, the eggs from the Lumpfish are commonly dyed red or black and generally salted. Their bright colors and elegant look make them a great garnish for any number of foods from traditional sushi rolls to delicate canapés and hors d'oeuvres. Take a look through our complete selection of Lumpfish caviar below, and start adding this delightful caviar to all your savory dishes!
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Harvested in the glacial waters of the Arctic and Northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Lumpfish has become a valuable resource for those looking for an alternative to the more traditional Sturgeon caviar. With a low price point, this shelf-stable roe is cheap, convenient, and isn’t illegal to sell, unlike classic Sturgeon roe. Although it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, we always think caviar, no matter what variety, benefits from being eaten cold. So break out the ice or keep it in the refrigerator until you begin to plate up. Perfect for a weekend brunch, we love pairing Lumpfish roe with a little smoked salmon, double cream cheese, finely sliced onions, and thick slices of ripe tomato, all combined on a crusty piece of bread or a toasted bagel. This affordable, entry-level caviar is a great alternative to the traditional Sturgeon roe. Harvested and processed in Iceland, Lumpfish roe is preserved in barrels of brine. The more salt is added to the brine the more pronounced the fresh fish flavor becomes. Combined with its firm texture and pop, these tiny eggs with their clean salty flavor can be paired with many contrasting flavor profiles and cuisines. Try them for yourself today and revel in the delightful flavors of the sea!

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