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Masago Caviar

Delicious and inexpensive Masago is the perfect caviar for casual everyday meals. Easy to use and serve, there is no need to fuss with bowls of shaved ice and mother of pearl spoons when enjoying Masago caviar. Always tasty and surprisingly versatile, savor Masago as a topping for toast or as a crunchy element in your next sandwich. Garnish sushi, omelets, pasta, salads, and more with this convenient and delightful fish roe. The crunchy texture of these small tight beads is the perfect accompaniment to so many dishes. Add them to your next meal for a bright pop of color and a pleasant crunch!
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A staple of traditional Japanese cuisine, Masago caviar’s popularity has spread throughout the rest of the world. And it’s no wonder! These delightful tiny beads are packed with fresh briny flavor and have a pleasant crunch that everyone’s sure to enjoy! Masago also referred to as Capelin Caviar, is generally found and harvested in the arctic waters of the Northern Atlantic ocean near the shores of Iceland. One of the only caviars that can withstand freezing temperatures, once caught, the eggs are immediately fresh-frozen before being shipped to processing locations around the world. Japan receives about 60% of all the Masago that is harvested. Once the fish roe arrives, ready to be processed, it is lightly cured in pure sea salt before it is packed or dyed. Dying and flavoring Masago is a popular practice in Japan with a whole host of fun colors and delicious flavors. Popular flavors include spicy ginger, wasabi, and red chili. For a great way to add fresh briny flavor to your dishes and a bright pop of color, consider adding Masago caviar to grain-forward dishes like risottos, and pasta. Garnish sushi and salads with them or even incorporate them into your dressings and sauces. No matter how you decide to use Masago caviar, we’re sure you’re going to love its fantastic fresh flavors and delightful texture!

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