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Kosher Caviar

Observant gourmets need not go without the luxurious experience of indulging in caviar or resort to artificial substitutes. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we have made it a priority to acquire a line of some of the finest, all-natural kosher caviar options! From Whitefish to Bottarga, we have an excellent line up of delicious alternatives for the practicing epicure. While modern technology allows the creation of artificial caviar, we believe the synthetic taste and texture of these options simply cannot compare to real fish roe. Instead, we’ve sourced our excellent caviar from fish boasting both “fins and scales”! Explore our entire lineup of certified Kosher caviars today, and indulge in the finest roes on the market!
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Kosher Golden Whitefish Caviar - Orthodox Union
from United States by Markys
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There are several options when it comes to acquiring naturally Kosher caviar. One of our personal favorites is Whitefish. A member of the Salmon family, this bright yellow caviar is small in size and firm in texture, making a pronounced “pop” in the mouth. Mildly tangy with a sweet finish, they are one of the most versatile caviars available. Bottarga is another option. This specialty of the Mediterranean is made from the entire roe pouch of the Grey Mullet. Once cured, Bottarga is excellent sliced thinly and paired with vegetables or a delightful garnish to hors d'oeuvres. Grated over pasta, fish, or salads, Bottarga lends a hit of umami flavor! Finally, we would be remiss not to mention one of the most notable kosher caviars, Salmon roe. A true delicacy its large pinkish-orange beads make an elegant presentation and add a splash of color to any plate or canapé tray. These delicate orbs burst into delightful ocean-fresh flavor and have a markedly sweet honey-like finish. All of these caviars are excellent served traditionally on lightly buttered toast points or paired with blinis and creme fraiche. Whitefish is a great addition to salads and dressings, Bottarga is perfect for pasta, and Salmon makes one of our favorite canapés. Try them all for yourself and start adding amazing savory flavor to your dishes!

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