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Trout Caviar and Carp Roe

Take a step down from classic Sturgeon caviar in price, but not in flavor, with roe from sustainably raised or caught Trout and Carp! Slightly smaller in size than Salmon roe, Carp and Trout's eggs boast that same luminous orange color. With a crisp pop and a clean finish, these remarkable eggs are positively bursting with flavor! Explore our fantastic selection of this subtle yet delicious roe and start enjoying caviar that is both tasty and environmentally friendly!
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Pink Trout Roe Caviar
from France by Markys
Tarama Carp Roe Caviar
from United States by Krinos
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Just like a good cheese, caviar is matured and cured by experts for a specific amount of time to maximize its flavors. With that in mind, caviar is sold with the idea that it will be used quickly after purchase. We always recommend opening your tin of caviar within just a few days after its arrival and eating it the same day it’s opened. As you can imagine, properly estimating how much caviar you’ll need is critically important. A good rule of thumb is to estimate about 1-2 ounces per each person if you’re serving the caviar alone. If served alongside accompaniments like toast points, blini, creme fraiche, hard-boiled eggs, and new potatoes, estimate more along the lines of ½-1 ounce per person. Caviar is an acquired taste for many, so it behooves you to start at the low end of the price spectrum, giving you a chance to anticipate and appreciate its subtle complexity of flavor. Diving right into the most expensive caviars is a mistake for novice tasters as the most amazing part of their characteristics will be lost on you. That’s why we love to recommend Carp and Trout caviar as a great beginning alternative. With a much more approachable price, these are what you want to reach for when catering a large party full of guests who may have never tasted caviar in their lives. Save on money while still making the popular choice by using delicious Carp and Trout roe caviar!

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