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Whole Sides Smoked Salmon

The perfect option for your next large event; our whole sides of smoked Salmon are not only a beautiful addition to your table or buffet but also the most economical way to serve everyone this luxurious treat! Accompanied by a few lemon wedges and a bowl of capers, our lovely sides of smoked Salmon are an instant centerpiece. With robust smokey flavor, each side is carefully seasoned and smoked to ensure consistent gourmet-quality fish every time! Sourcing the best fish from around the world we have offerings from Scotland and Norway where smoked Salmon is a long-standing tradition, along with some new exciting options from the U.S. Browse our entire selection of smoked Salmon sides today for an authentic taste of this delightful fish.
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Scottish Smoked Salmon - Non-Sliced
from United Kingdom by Pinnacle
on sale
Coastal Oak Hot Smoked Salmon - Unsliced - Frozen
from United States by Santa Barbara SmokeHouse
Smoked Balmoral Scottish Salmon - Presliced
from United States by Cambridge House
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There are a lot of options when it comes to shopping for Cured Salmon, each boasting a different name and method of preparation. This can be quite confusing for those of us who haven’t spent their lives working in a deli. So in an effort to establish total transparency within the complicated and sometimes secretive world of cured meats, we shall attempt to elucidate the possibilities: In the proverbial deli case, you’ll often see a few options alongside the smoked Salmon. Things like Lox, Nova, and Gravlax, are just a few of the usuals. While each of these options is cured in one way or another, none of them are smoked. Which makes quite a difference in the finished flavor and texture of the fish. Once you’ve finally narrowed it down to the Smoked variety, there is yet another challenge you must face -deciding whether you want Hot, or Cold Smoked, Salmon. Hot Smoked Salmon has a rich flavor and a texture more akin to traditional cooked Salmon, flaking away from the skin. Whereas, Cold Smoked varieties, are much more like the other cured Salmon options. They still have that fantastic smokey flavor, but the texture is silky smooth and tender. All the labels and confusion aside, no matter which variety you land upon, there are a host of delicious Smoked Salmon recipes out there just waiting to be made and enjoyed. One of our favorites, Salmon is an incredibly versatile option that easily goes from brunch to dinner and makes for amazing smoked salmon appetizers, mains, and hors d'oeuvres. Try our delicious assortment of Smoked Salmon sides today and see why it’s everyone’s favorite!

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Whole Sides Smoked Salmon Questions And Answers