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Scottish Smoked Salmon

World renown for its silky tender texture, our smoked Scottish Salmon is positively bursting with flavor. Its hazy piquancy has proved to be the perfect complement to so many dishes, adding a delightfully savory taste prized by gourmands and connoisseurs around the world. Milder than its Norwegian cousin, Scottish Salmon has a subtle taste making it an extremely versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Sourced from only the finest purveyors, our smoked Salmon is made using time-tested techniques coupled with high-quality ingredients. Explore our fantastic assortment of sensational Scottish Salmon in a wide range of cuts. From delicate hand-sliced options to whole sides, we have a delicious gourmet product to suit your culinary needs!
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Scottish Smoked Salmon - Hand-Sliced - Kosher
from United Kingdom by Pinnacle
Scottish Gravlax Salmon
from United Kingdom by Pinnacle
on sale
Scottish Smoked Salmon - Non-Sliced
from United Kingdom by Pinnacle
Smoked Balmoral Scottish Salmon - Presliced
from United States by Cambridge House
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Smoked Scottish Salmon has come to be considered a real delicacy around the world. The practice of smoking Salmon first came from Jewish gastronomic traditions. At the end of the 19th century, a large number of Eastern European Jewish migrants emigrated to the U.K. With them came many customs, one of them being the practice of smoking Salmon. There were, of course, smoked fish in the UK long before then, but the market was mostly dominated by more common fish, like Herring and Haddock. Proving to be a popular option, Baltic Salmon was imported into Scotland specifically to be smoked, until wild Salmon were found in their rivers. By the 1970s, the practice of farming Salmon had also begun, and so the prices for this delicacy lowered, making it more widely available to the public. Today in Scotland, Salmon has become a regional specialty, one that has gained the attention of epicures around the world. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we have carefully curated this spectacular selection of Scottish Salmon just for you! Fillets, slices, even whole sides of the highest quality have found their way onto our list. Browse through our delightful options today, knowing this luxury is only a click away.

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