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Capelin Caviar

If you’ve ever eaten sushi, you’ve probably tried Capelin caviar. A delightful addition to so many recipes, Capelin adds a wonderful crunch and a tasty pop of flavor. Naturally bright orange, Capelin is commonly sold colored and flavored to suit certain dishes and cuisines. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we have a fantastic array of flavorful Capelin caviar to suit all your culinary needs. Offered in a veritable rainbow of colors, take a moment to browse through our unparalleled selection below!
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Wasabi Capelin Caviar
from Iceland by Markys
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Tobico Capelin Ginger Caviar
from Iceland by Markys
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A very popular ingredient in Japan, Capelin is sold under the name Masago and used in a wide variety of ways. From sushi and hand rolls to a garnish for seafood and an integral ingredient in salad dressings, Capelin is one of the most versatile caviars available! The colors of each variety represent their flavors. Orange - Retaining its natural color, orange Capelin is slightly smokey flavor. Yellow - Generally died with yuzu, this caviar has a delicious spicy ginger flavor. Green - Slightly spicy, green Capelin tastes of wasabi and has a horseradish-like flavor. Red - Flavored with chili pepper, this bright addition to the line up is sharp but not overpowering. Black - Colored with squid ink, black Capelin caviar has a wonderful mix of sweet and salty flavors. Indulging in caviar doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. For those who love the briney fresh taste of caviar, but don’t want to heavily invest in their next meal, Capelin might be the choice for you! Emerging as one of the most popular alternatives to the expensive and diminishing supply of sturgeon roe, Capelin is a sustainable and delicious option. Attached to a very reasonable price tag, this delicious caviar has a wonderful flavor and a fantastic crunchy quality that is positively addictive! It also comes with all the amazing health benefits of more expensive options. Loaded with healthy fats like Omega-3, it’s also chock-full of the minerals and vitamins necessary to a healthy diet!

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