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Gravlax Smoked Salmon

Just another in a long list of delicious culinary contributions from Scandinavia, Gravlax has become popular throughout the entire Western world! A wonderful combination of silky tender salmon and traditional spices, including juniper, horseradish, pepper, aquavit, and dill, lots of dill. From Scotland to Norway, we have a fantastic variety of some of the finest Salmon Gravlax from around the world! Hand sliced and always excellent quality, our Gravlax is the perfect addition to an hors d'oeuvres tray or the savory star of your next appetizer. Flavorful without being overpowering, this cured Salmon walks the fine line of subtlety with precision, presenting a clean, lightly cured flavor with highlights of dill. Truly one of our favorite luxury foods, you’ll be putting this delicious fish on everything!
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Scottish Gravlax Salmon
from United Kingdom by Pinnacle
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Lox, Nova, Gravlax, Hot-smoked, Cold-Smoked, there are a lot of names for cured Salmon out there and for those who haven’t worked in a deli, navigating through the array of labels can be slightly daunting. Allow us to break it down for you. Gravlax- is cured (but not smoked) Salmon. It is generally seasoned with dill and a handful of other typical Scandinavian spices, then weighed down for a couple of days to cure. Lox- on the other hand, is cut from the belly and is salt-cured, but also not smoked. Many people confuse Lox with smoked Salmon, but it’s a thing unto itself diverging into varying realms of hot and cold. Cold-smoked- Salmon is the one people often confuse with Lox. This variety is brined in sugar and salt then smoked for around 15 hours, keeping the temperatures below 80F. Its texture is similar to Lox, but the smokey flavor is entirely its own. Hot-smoked- is kept at around 130F for a much shorter period (about three hours), rendering a flaky consistency similar to cooked Salmon but much juicier. Now that we’ve shed a little light on the confusing world of cured and smoked Salmon, we encourage you to go put that information to good use and get some of your favorites today!

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Gravlax Smoked Salmon Questions And Answers