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Shrimp and Scallops

We have a fantastic selection of shrimp and scallops! Whether you’re looking for fresh, pre-cooked, or even tinned options, we have them all! Carefully graded and hand-packed, our shrimp and scallops are always of the highest caliber, boasting a consistency unrivaled by other brands. Fresh and bursting with flavor, all you have to do is add them to your next delicious recipe!
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Shrimp - Raw, Shell On
from Indonesia by
Dry Sea Scallops
from United States by
Shrimp - Raw, Peeled, Deveined, Tail On
from India by
Scallop Rillettes
from France by Groix & Nature
Small Scallops in Sauce
from Spain by La Brujula
Shrimp - Precooked, Tail On
from Vietnam by
Shrimp - Precooked, With Tails
from Thailand by
Mexican Jumbo Blue Shrimp - Raw, Shell On
from Mexico by
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Shrimp - Raw, Shell On, Easy Peel
from Thailand by Oishii
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Plump, juicy shrimp and scallops are incredibly versatile and add a delightful burst of flavor to any dish. From the proverbial shrimp cocktail to a tray of bacon-wrapped scallop canapés, these delightful little crustaceans are some of our favorites. Fantastic in a multitude of dishes and types of cuisine shrimp or scallops can be dressed up in any number of ways providing a tender, flavorful element. Either crustacean has the quality to feature as the star of a dish, but the two also work beautifully in tandem, marrying their tastes together in dishes like shrimp and scallop scampi or seafood stir-frys. Though often compared to one another, shrimp and scallops are very different, both in taste and texture. Much of the difference in flavor lies in their diet. Shrimp eat a fare consisting mostly of plankton, worms, and other shellfish even smaller than themselves. Scallops, in contrast, eat microscopic sea plants and animals. Either of these delightful sea creatures do well in a range of dishes. Shrimp can be enjoyed cold as an appetizer, cooked on a grill, or incorporated in pasta, paella, or any other grain forward dishes. When prepared correctly, scallops are sweet and tender. They require very little accompanying ingredients and are delicious, grilled, seared, roasted, or fried. However you decide to prepare either of these fantastic crustaceans, we know you’re going to enjoy the fresh taste and bursting flavorful texture of our shrimps and scallops!

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