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A true pantry staple, Bottarga keeps well for months on end, making it the perfect ingredient for busy commercial kitchens. Deeply savory, we love to grate this cured roe over any starch or grain forward dishes. Even served alone, Bottarga is excellent sliced thinly and sprinkled with a little salt, a squeeze of lemon, and some good olive oil. The possibilities for such flavorful food are practically endless! No matter how you decide to serve Bottarga, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be without it. Treat it like the luxury it is, pulling it out on special occasions for a hit of bold umami flavor!
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Bottarga - Dried Grey Mullet Roe
from Greece by Trikalinos
Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole
from United States by Cortez
Bottarga Powder - Grey Mullet Powdered Roe
from Greece by Trikalinos

Beloved around the world, Bottarga is famously made in the Meditteranean, but you’ll find it all over the world! The Greeks call it avgotaraho, the French poutarge. In Croatia, it travels under a name similar to the one you’ll see in the United States: butarga. Japan makes a slightly softer version called karasumi, and in Korea, it's a popular drinking food known as eoran. A treat the world over Bottarga dates back to ancient times, anywhere humans fished you could find this savory treat being made. A true delicacy Bottarga is the salt-cured roe sac traditionally made from the grey mullet, (although you’ll often see yellowfin and bluefin tuna used as well). First salted, then hand massaged to get rid of any air, it’s finally pressed and dried. Originating centuries ago, the recipe for Bottarga has remained relatively unchanged to this day. However, there are some variations from culture to culture. The Greeks have developed the practice of coating their avgotaraho in beeswax to help preserve it. A similar practice is used in the Japanese and Taiwanese preparations, only it’s applied earlier in the curing process and helps these versions remain softer. With its subtle saltiness and briny undertones, Bottarga has a flavor, not unlike caviar. Try this specialty item for yourself today and see how Bottarga can enhance so many of your favorite dishes!

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