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Bowfin Caviar

Bowfish caviar is highly regarded, by connoisseurs, for its intense flavor profile. With a mild tang and definite notes of spice, Bowfin roe, also known as Choupique caviar has become a hallmark of the classic Cajun cuisine of Louisiana. In appearance, Bowfin caviar bears a close resemblance to the more traditional sturgeon caviar. With its fantastic flavor, lower price, and environmental sustainability, Bowfin caviar is the ideal substitute for Beluga or Osetra! Use it as a delicious garnish, or the feature of your canapé tray at your next cocktail party, or large event. A truly delightful alternative, you’ll never miss the sturgeon.
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American Black Bowfin Caviar - Malossol
from United States by Markys
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Often referred to as America’s best caviar, Bowfin roe makes an excellent substitute for sturgeon roe. Thanks to its comparatively low price, Bowfin caviar is ideal for catering big parties and events. Add it to Hors d'oeuvres, serve it as an appetizer paired with the traditional blini and creme fraiche, or use it as a garnish for spreads or dips. However, steer clear of heat when using Bowfin caviar. Serve it cold or pair it with cold dishes as any heat will alter the color from its usual jet black to a deep coral. Thanks to decades of overfishing and industrial pollution ruining the sturgeon's natural habitats, an emphasis has been put on aquafarming in an attempt to satiate the market’s high level of demand. However, some caviar producing fish still thrive in the wild, one such species is the Bowfin. Native to the southern United States, Bowfin is one of the last remaining wild-caught fish that produce caviar. Tins of caviar keep well in the coldest part of the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks, but after being opened should be consumed within three days to enjoy them at their prime. Serve caviar cold, we recommend using a traditional caviar service that holds the caviar over ice to ensure optimal temperatures and truly sensational eating experiences. Always delicious, this economical substitute is just as gratifying to the palate as any sturgeon roe!

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