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Specialty Cuts Smoked Salmon

Gourmet Wholesaler is proud to present our unparalleled selection of Smoked Salmon, including gourmet cuts like -Balyk, Marquis, and Royal. Specialty fillets like these can be quite difficult to find in the average supermarket, but their unparalleled quality makes them some of the most desirous available! Versatile and delicious, we love Salmon for its amazing range. You can use it as the star of your next appetizer, the garnish on a canapé, or the savory addition to a hearty pasta, the possibilities are virtually endless! Including sashimi-grade options, simply browse through our collection for the finest smoked Salmon on the market!
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Marquis Cut Smoked Salmon Trout Fillet
from Norway by Marky's
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Norwegian Balyk Cut Smoked Salmon Trout
from Norway by Markys
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There are countless varieties of smoked Salmon, not to mention the fact that many cuts have specific names given to them by their purveyors. To simplify things, here’s a shortlist of our offerings so you can buy with better understanding and certainty. Balyk Cut - Balyk is undisputedly one of the choicest cuts of Salmon available on the market. Sourced from the top of the fish (often referred to as the tenderloin,) this meat is especially supple with a silky smooth, almost buttery consistency and a smokey finish. Serve this cut sliced vertically, in small ½-inch portions, on lightly toasted bread or crisp crackers. Marquis Cut - This Smoked Salmon fillet “Royal,” also known as Coeur de Saumon, is the most tender and succulent cut of the fish. Translating literally to “Salmon’s heart,” this exceptional fillet boasts a luxurious silky consistency and intense flavor. Royal Cut - So called because it was once reserved exclusively for Russian tsars, this succulent Royal Cut comes from the center of the Salmon. Smoked in Oak, it boasts complex flavors and a buttery texture. Sashimi Grade - Our Salmon is sourced from the best purveyors in the world with the highest quality fish. Our smoked Salmon is what is referred to as Sashimi or Sushi-grade meat. This means that the fish is safe to eat even though it technically hasn’t been cooked. By flash freezing the fish immediately after its been caught, any parasites living within are immediately killed. The freezing also helps preserve the freshness and texture of the fish. This all translates to a finished product that is of the highest caliber, with a taste and texture that is unparalleled.

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