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Kaluga Caviar

The sumptuous taste of Kaluga caviar is one of the world’s most sought after luxury foods. Often referred to as the “river Beluga,” this hybrid caviar so closely captures the unique essence of the famed Beluga sturgeon that it has, in many cases, usurped the throne and become the standard replacement to the king of caviar. Boasting relatively large grains Kaluga roe comes in a variety of shades, from a deep brown to a lustrous gold. The texture is firm and smooth and makes a delightful pop when pressed against the roof of the mouth. With an earthy nutty flavor and a mildly salty overtone, this exquisite caviar makes for a truly divine eating experience!
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Emperior Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar
from Asia by Emperior
The large amber beads of our Kaluga fusion caviar offer a rich buttery flavor and a tender luxurious texture.

Considered to be the world’s largest freshwater sturgeon, the Kaluga is a predatory fish native to the Amur (a river that marks the border between Russia and China that was once filled with giant Kaluga). Today thanks to heavy overfishing and pollution, the Kaluga is near extinction. A small faction of the fish remains, struggling for survival in the wild Sea of Okhotsk and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Today the majority of Kaluga, and the best caviar, come from the farm-raised population. Flourishing in this new environment, Kaluga has become a necessary alternative to the sale of Beluga roe, which is still restricted in the U.S. thanks to its place on the list of endangered species. With truly delicious flavor Kaluga has become a fierce competitor on the market, offering a simple and sustainable substitute for the rare Beluga. With its uncanny similarities, the Kaluga has come to replicate, and for some, even exceed the experience of eating illegal Beluga. There are many varieties of caviar on the market today, ranging widely in both quality and price. With so many options it can sometimes be difficult to ensure you’re getting the best; that’s why we’ve eliminated the guesswork by creating our expertly curated list of Kaluga caviar options. Browse through our entire selection today and taste the authentic flavors of true luxury caviar!

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Kaluga Caviar Questions And Answers