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Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout

Perfectly smoked Salmon-Trout is one of those simple, yet exquisite indulgences. The perfect balance of flavors it’s sweet, savory, and smokey, all at once. Complex and intensely flavored, Salmon-Trout is delicious in its own right but also makes an excellent addition to a multitude of recipes. Browse our selection of delectable cuts sourced from the arctic waters of Norway’s fjords.
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Norwegian Balyk Cut Smoked Salmon Trout
from Norway by Markys
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This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

Norway is the largest exporter of seafood in the world and the second-largest producer of Atlantic Salmon and Fjord Trout. What used to be a market dominated by Salmon is now split, with Trout gaining in popularity in recent years. This may be that tastes are changing, but it’s more likely that consumers simply can’t tell the difference between the two fish. Both look almost identical, with bright pink flesh, a similar texture, and comparable flavors. With the rampant practice of mislabeling being especially prevalent in the fishing industry, both breeds are often mislabeled, or go by the misnomer “Salmon-Trout,” and so the confusion is maintained. To break it down, Salmon is Salmon and Trout is Trout, there is no fish that lies somewhere between the two species. However, one must often go along to get along in this perplexing world and so the dubious label stays. Both fish boasts a host of similarities, their skin is almost indistinguishable, with the Salmon having slightly more dark “spots” than Trout. The only determining characteristics of their flesh are color. Salmon is lighter in hue than the deep red shade Trout has. The texture and flavor are also quite similar, with connoisseurs saying that Salmon leaves a cleaner finish on the palate, but Trout has a slightly more robust and voluptuous texture. Salmon or Trout, neither will disappoint, however for those with inquiring minds and an especially acute sense of injustice, simply check the ingredients label to make certain of your purchase!

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