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Whitefish Caviar

A list of American fish harvested for their luxurious roe would be incomplete without mentioning the Whitefish. This caviar is one of the most popular and versatile within the North American varieties. Harvested from the great lakes, Whitefish produce a roe that is small and delicate in size and texture with a lovely golden yellow color and a less complex flavor profile than other caviars. This subtleness of taste is one of the things we love about Whitefish caviar because it can work in many different dishes, despite contrasting and divergent flavors or cuisine styles.
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Smoked Whitefish Roe Caviar
from United States by Markys
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“Fresh” caviar is a bit of a misleading term since all caviar needs to be aged for a least four weeks or longer to achieve that singular flavor we all know and love. Roe harvested directly from the fish tastes of nothing, and the brine it’s packed in is there not only to help preserve but to season the fish eggs. Though it is a relative to the Salmon used to produce the much-lauded “red caviar” these eggs, in contrast, are much smaller, with a delicate flavor and crunchy texture. Most Whitefish caviar is produced in the Molassol method, meaning they are sealed in a simple brine consisting of nothing more than a small amount of pure sea salt. This preparation allows the subtle tangy flavor and mildly sweet finish intrinsic to this breed of fish to shine through. The natural color of these eggs is a light tangerine or golden hue, but oftentimes you will see them dyed with squid ink and marketed as Black Whitefish caviar. Though the ink doesn’t make Whitefish caviar taste like the much sought after Caspian Sea sturgeon roe, it does make it look almost identical. This elegant look, coupled with a very reasonable price point makes Whitefish caviar a favorite for chefs and those catering large events. Certified kosher, whitefish are also one of the most popular choices for those with dietary restrictions. The perfect garnish to a host of dishes, this versatile option can be used in both hot and cold preparations, and acts as a lovely garnish for anything from pasta and salads to hors d'oeuvres and canapés!

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