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Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

Truly a refined delicacy, Siberian sturgeon caviar is a favorite of gourmands and connoisseurs around the world. Ranging in color from deep mahogany to jet black, it boasts a clean, focused taste characterized by warm nutty flavors and a subtle briney finish. Hand-packed and quality checked for size, color, freshness, flavor, and texture. The excellent caliber and consistency of our sturgeon roe are guaranteed. A sublime experience, this Siberian caviar is a fantastic addition to the menu at any high-end restaurant or wine bar for an authentic taste of unbridled luxury.
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Sturgeon abound all over the world from the subtropical to the subarctic, with rivers and sea basins in almost every country boasting sturgeon in large numbers. With 27 varieties in all, there are only a select few that produce those opulent orbs we know as caviar. These few breeds have unfortunately been overfished, their river homes rendered uninhabitable by industrial pollution, and dams have cut off their migration routes. These issues have, over time, compounded until every member of the caviar producing sturgeon has landed on the endangered species list. The clear solution to this troubling turn of events has been a consentient push towards farm-raised fish. The hope is that these efforts will take the pressure off the wild stock of sturgeon around the globe and allow them to repopulate naturally, while the farmed supply attempts to satiate the ever-clamoring market. Thankfully aquafarms have turned out to be an ideal environment, controlled and secure in a way the sturgeon’s natural habitat hasn’t been in centuries. Provided with drinking quality water, and fed a diet that is highly regulated and closely overseen. These steps ensure that the flavor of their roe is genuine and consistent with what would be found in the wild. Imported as “fingerlings” from Siberia, they are as authentic in taste as any fish harvested from the Amur river.

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