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Canadian Cheese

Canada is known for many things: hockey, winter, maple syrup, but one category that is often overlooked is cheese! Canada boasts a long list of delicious native cheeses. From province to province, you will find delectable cheeses of all kinds from British Columbian blues to Quebec cheddar. Explore our list of tasty Canadian cheeses below, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by our delicious assortment!
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Quebec Vintage Cheddar, 6-7 Years
from Canada by Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar
Cheese has been made in Canada since Samuel de Champlain brought dairy cows from Normandy in 1608. The cows used for Canada’s modern cheeses are said to be descendants of these great French dairy cows. The same breed that is responsible for so many of our favorite French cheeses is also behind many of our favorite Canadian offerings. With such a great foundation for cheesemaking, it’s no wonder that Canada has produced some of the finest cheeses around the world! From soft unripened cheeses in the French method to hardy Cheddars inspired by the English, Canada has been able to make truly wonderful cheeses that combine traditional techniques with new flavors! But wait there's more, Canada is also responsible for the creation of some truly creative cheesy recipes. Their culinary history is peppered with dishes that utilize cheese in creative and delicious ways! From Canadian cheese soup to the famous Poutine, there are a host of recipes that prove the undying love Canada has for cheese. Region by region there are stand out cheeses from all over the nation and we offer many of them! If you’re looking for firmer cheese, try our delicious Quebec Cheddars. Aged for years to achieve truly sharp and intense flavors, these cheeses are the perfect blend of salty savory flavor. But it doesn’t stop there! Blues, Goudas, soft triple cremes, and more can be found. Take a look through our delicious line-up of Canada’s finest and try some for yourself today!
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