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Whether poured over a bowl of fresh strawberries or added to a sauce, cream is one of the most delicious elements of cooking. One of the building blocks of cooking, we rely on cream for so much. It’s the foundation of countless dishes- from soups and sauces to ice creams and custards. We rely on cream not only to thicken, but also to add rich full flavor and a velvety texture to our foods. From the French classic creme fraiche to the English staple clotted cream, we’ve chosen some of the finest versions of these creams to feature. Browse through our expertly curated selection of gourmet creams below and take your dishes to a whole new level!
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Creme Fraiche
from United States by Vermont Creamery
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Crema Mexicana - Mexican Style Sour Cream
from United States by Don Froylan
Clotted Cream
from United Kingdom by Devon Cream Company
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English Double Devon Cream
from United Kingdom by Devon Cream Company
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Whipping cream, heavy whipping cream, heavy cream… the list goes on and on seemingly without end. This overwhelming amount of choice can become distracting and confusing, so we took the hard work out of it for you by narrowing it down to the three essentials. Double cream, creme fraiche, and clotted cream, the only three varieties of cream you’ll ever truly need!

When you’re serving delicacies like smoked salmon or caviar, you’re going to need some creme fraiche. With its slightly tangy nutty flavor and velvety rich texture, it is the natural accompaniment to a range of delicious dishes. Creme fraiche has the power to transform even the most humble meal into something noteworthy.

That being said, where would you be without double cream? With it’s higher fat content it truly adds a rich and luscious layer of flavor and a silken texture to anything it’s featured in. But double cream shouldn’t be relegated to the category of sidekick, this ingredient can stand on its own legs, making some of the finest whipped cream possible. Elevating something as simple as a plate of fruit into a dessert fit for a king.

Finally, we come to the English classic: clotted cream. Also known as Devonshire or Devon cream this is so much more than simple cream. Thick and rich, this is cream that has been cooked over low heat for hours until it has turned a lovely golden shade and developed complex flavors. Traditionally served alongside scones at tea, you can also include clotted cream in a number of other dishes and desserts. Try any or all of these tasty cream options today!

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